Building starts long before a foundation is poured or a nail is hammered. Each home we begin at Frye starts with a strategic vision, great design and trusting relationships with our customers. This allows us to create stunning homes of enduring value in legacy developments. However, the common denominator is the highest architectural standards and quality of construction. We are a builder with quality, national and local awards, and longevity of our product.

We pride ourselves in the relationships we maintain with buyers, lenders and the communities in which we build. Our expertise and the systems we use for building are key in delivering quality in all that we undertake. At Frye Building, we sweat the small stuff. Living in a Frye-built home means your house is designed to perfection with relentless attention paid to each and every detail. Our commitment is to give every customer a home that will last a lifetime and then some – from its architectural integrity to its quality of materials and workmanship. Seeing is believing. Talk to residents of a Frye community. We build our homes with the goal that every inch is lived in and enjoyed. Unused space, which requires costs to construct, maintain, clean, condition, furnish and pay taxes on, is contrary to our vision. Let the Frye building team create the ideal place for your family to call home. Now, and long into the future.

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