Every Frye development begins with respect for the land and its natural assets, surroundings, community history, public and private partners and the people who eventually will call that community “home”.

We put great value in innovation and creative thinking, and emphasize the importance of long-term, strategic planning by maximizing land use through careful consideration of how the end product will create and retain value. We build on partnerships with municipalities, community leaders and other developers. Creating a lifestyle that people are eager to enjoy and share is essential. Our company prides itself on creating places where people desire to live, with focused land planning “by the inch,” unique, top-notch designs, quality elements and uncompromised architectural standards.

We honor the history and heritage of every place we touch, like the incredible communities overlooking gorgeous vistas along the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean. We take our stewardship of the land seriously, as well as increasing property values of our sites, and of the communities in which they are located. Our mantra is to provide long-term asset value for any property we develop. We often replace distressed areas with successful, financially-fit communities.

We also take seriously our commitment to the people who call our communities “home”. Advantages are real and lifestyle are simple. Neighbors can greet one another on front porches, and freely stroll, bike, or golf cart around the neighborhood. Experience the Frye Factor. Together we can develop extraordinary places with enduring values and lasting legacies. Let’s plan the next great place.

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