When managing a community, the Frye Organization delivers unmatched standards of operation, enduring asset quality and great customer service, whether it’s a property of our own or one that we manage for another owner.

From the moment we begin, the Frye Organization pays relentless attention to every detail. We make sure our residents have a quality experience, while superbly maintaining our properties and providing a consistent return on investment for the owners. Our communities are consistently characterized by high occupancy, happy residents, operational excellence and financial efficiency.

We build strong relationships with our communities, our partners and our residents. After we acquire or build a property to manage, the community’s assets are assimilated into the Frye Organization’s standards of operation. The proof is in our communities. See for yourself by viewing one or more of the premiere properties.

By entrusting the Frye Organization with your property’s management, know that your goals are our goals; we manage your property like we manage our own. We provide financial acuity and operational excellence that will maximize your return on investment because we know the importance of balancing the maintenance of your asset and the distribution of cash to investors.

For over three decades the Frye Organization has acquired and rehabilitated more than 5,000 units in 22 multifamily complexes in the Southeast. We have focused on ground-up renovations of our properties in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. From the $20 million reconstruction of the 434-unit Mariner’s Watch in Norfolk, Va., to the $30 Million acquisition and rebuilding of the 420-unit University Heights in Charlottesville, Va., the Frye Organization has enhanced the value of each property,  and enriched the daily lives of our residents, while at the same time providing our partners, with whom we have a long history, significant returns on investment.

Our turnkey management services include: comprehensive budgeting, annual capital-improvement schedules, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs, aggressive leasing strategies, successful marketing, in-house property upgrades and replacements.


Premier Properties



  • 300 West Freemason St., Norfolk, Va.
  • 409 Yarmouth St., Norfolk, Va.
  • 225 Cleveland St., Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Shoppes at Pretty Lake (East Beach), Norfolk, Va.

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