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Arthur H. “Red” Motley, legendary founder of Parade magazine, once said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” That was true during the last century, and certainly continues today.

At the Frye Organization, and its subsidiaries, East Beach Realty and Cavalier Realty Associates, we know that “something” we sell is much more than wood, bricks and mortar. We sell trust.

Our on-site sales professionals bring years of expertise to the table in marketing, sales, branding, networking  and enthusiasm for our homes. We know the families who buy our homes are buying both a home and a lifestyle, and expect the product to live up to their expectations, from the minute they move in. We build your home right from the start.

We also sell a responsibility and commitment to honor that trust, and do so willingly and enthusiastically. At the Frye Organization, we develop enduring communities, and build the highest quality houses, apartments and condominiums. It is incumbent upon us to carry those values over into our sales endeavors.


It is paramount throughout our organization to pass on the heritage and enduring legacy that comes from buying a home developed, built and sold by the Frye team. Our consummate professionals also listen to our customers and take the feedback they receive to inform the design and innovation team during the construction, and in future community designs.

Proof is in the sale. Our award-winning East Beach community on the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk consistently outsold other comparable real estate in the Hampton Roads area, even during the most challenging economic downturn. At The Cavalier Residences, 75 percent of the 81 lots sold before a foundation of a home for sale was even poured. Proof is also in the structure. Visit our beautiful sales showcase homes and see state of the art systems, relentless attention to detail, comfortable surroundings and a sales team that’s second to none.
We are proud of these accomplishments and our lasting relationships with our customers and community members because they reflect our commitment to the highest standards.

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